Tuesday, July 5, 2016

M3D Micro: Calibration Confirmation Reminder

Summer is a time of thunderstorms in the area in which I live and lightening can be an enemy of electronic equipment.  So, just to be on the safe side, I unplug the M3D Micro as the storms roll in and overnight just in case a late night storm pops up.

Normally, I plug the power back in before staring the M3D Client software.  But, this morning I forgot.  The software alerted me that no Micro was connected.  So, I powered up the printer AFTER staring the software.

When things are done in this order, soft 1st and power-up 2nd, the bed level calibration values all report as 0.00.

Fortunately, closing down the software and restarting it captured, once again, my previously set values.

I have no idea, if had I not noticed that all the calibration values appeared as 0.00, if the software would have operated with the correct values.  But, I assume it would not.  Bed leveling is so important to preventing clogging and producing the best possible prints that I will now always check to see that the correct values are set before beginning my first print.

In addition, I have saved an image of the calibration screen (or it could be printed) so that I will be able to recover the setting with little effort should they ever be truly lost or accidentally reset.

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