Thursday, July 7, 2016

M3D Micro: It's SO GREAT to Have a SUPER QUIET 3D Printer!

One the one hand, the Micro is, admittedly, THE slowest printer that I've owned.

On the other hand, it is, BY FAR, the quietest 3D printer I've owned.

I'll take QUIET any day!

I amazed my coworkers this afternoon when I fired up the Micro and printed an object.  I then called each of them into the lab to witness just how quiet this little 3D printer is when it's printing compared to the other 5 makes and models of FDM printers we own.

Each of them were as impressed as I am.  And, that is important.

I am beginning to see the Micro as THE 3D printer for TEACHERS.

Teachers need quiet in their life because they often need to take work home, like grading papers or preparing lesson plans.  A screeching 3D printer, no matter how fast it prints, is simply NOT going to be used as much as a very quiet printer that generates minimal noise pollution.

This is an extremely important reality.  I've become convinced that teachers who have a 3D printer in their home, and use it, are FAR more likely to develop a true understanding of the power of 3D design and printing to wake up sleeping brains as no other technology can do.  When they "get it", by personal experience, they will inevitably become passionate about using this power to wake up the brains of at-risk kids. And, turning on the minds of at-risk students is OUR passion at YouthQuest.

But, back to the immediate subject at hand... the wonderful quietness of the M3D Micro...

At this very moment, my wife is nearby, exercising and watching TV.  The Micro, less than a foot from me, is printing a color changing object that will be used in the 3D ThinkLink Lab and I am putting down my thoughts in this article.  Neither of us is, in any way, distracted by the Micro printing. 

I can tell you that this has NOT been the case with my other 3D printers.  Most 3D printers operate at decibels that can best be likened to fingernails on a chalkboard.

Yes, I have put up with it up to now.

But, it's going to harder to do so in the future.  When I finally have to give this M3D Micro to my granddaughters** I'm either going to cry like a baby or immediately buy another!  You can guess what it will be.

Hmmm... I'm going to have to create something useful on the Micro for my wife pronto so I can justify one more printer around the house to her.  (She likes the quiet, too.)

**Uh-h-h-h... I'm just making sure it is set up perfectly... that's why I opened their gift.  I promise!!!  (Yeah... right....That's what they all say!)

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