Thursday, July 7, 2016

M3D Micro: Unexpected Benefits of Printing With Chameleon 3D Inks

Even if you do not have any other application for which Chameleon 3D Inks are required, I urge you to purchase at least one reel.


No other filament demonstrates the heating & cooling process that occurs during 3D printing as does the Chameleon product line!

Heating & Cooling Demonstrated by Chameleon 3D Ink

What better demonstration of the 3D printing process dynamics than this!  As the Coral Orange Chameleon 3D Ink is heated it turns white.  As it cools, it turns coral orange.  The point at which the temperature drops below the threshold to return the color to orange is quite evident in this photo.


That gives me an idea for our next YouthQuest Foundation Immersion Class in August

The Immersion Class is held in our Chantilly 3D ThinkLink Lab.  And, part of the function of the Immersion Class is to give students opportunities to do real lab tests.  (Last time we tested the Real Sense Scanner with different skin tones and they came up with ways to enhance the scanning process.)

I'm thinking of having them test the affect of infill choices on cooling.  By taking images of the same object being printed at the same point in time in the printing process we can measure where the color change takes place with each print and compare it.  (We might have to use the "Percentage" instead of actual time because different infills will result in different print times.  But, that can also be part of the "lab" experience.)

I think they are going to have a LOT of fun with that one.  :)

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