Thursday, July 7, 2016

M3D Micro: What if a "Cheat" Code Doesn't Work?

M3D designers and developers have come up with a very innovative way to help us get the most out of the wide variety of filament they have and will introduce.  It's called a "CHEAT" code and is printed on the label of every M3D spool of filament.

The idea behind it is that every single type and color of filament has an optimum print profile.  I don't know all the variables; but, we don't have to know that to understand that being able, in software, to optimize all the factors that affect printing quality is a great idea.

And, normally, works flawlessly.

But, last night I opened a new package of Coral Orange Chameleon 3D Ink with a printed code of "CRL".  It failed to load.

I contacted support and, while waiting for a reply, decided to do a little experimentation.  Noticing that most of my Chameleon spools had a cheat code of "CAM" I decided to try that.

VOILA!!!  It worked!!

Being a software engineer for more than 30 years, I understand that it is impossible for software to be flawless.  But, the good news is that when a cheat code fails to produce the desired results, M3D has given us alternatives.

M3D support got back to me quite quickly and the message confirmed what I'd just experienced.

The "CRL" is a cheat code; but,  if that fails for some reason then "CAM", which is a general code for all chameleon filaments can be used successfully. 

Other generic cheat codes are "PLA" and "ABS".  So, if you find for any reason that the cheat code on the reel isn't resulting in the expected results, then try an alternative.  Thus, since Coral Orange is a type of PLA filament then the generic "PLA" could also be used in a pinch.  Nice!

I want to compliment support for getting back to me so fast.  And, I also want to complement the M3D team for the clever system of "Cheat' codes that is (1) ultimately designed to bring us the best prints possible and (2) provides generic alternatives should a software or firmware glitch occur.

Issues without workarounds are tough.  But, issues that can be dealt with through planned workarounds are just blips in the radar that don't bring us to a halt at all.

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