Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What You Will NOT Find on this Blog

As I have mentioned, I am studying and evaluating the M3D Micro 3D printer as a suitable gift for teachers, students and grandchildren.  Due diligence requires that I scour the web for every scrap I can find regarding the M3D Micro.

And, among the many things I have found is that a fair number of early Micro users are serious hacker types that enjoy trying to use the Micro with alternative firmware and software.  While I have no problem with that, it runs counter to my interest in 3D printing for consumers.  So, you will not find any articles in this blog about modifying the printer with 3rd party firmware or 3rd party slicers.

For one thing, I believe that 3D printer manufacturers should be helped and encouraged, by users,  to provide THE best firmware and printer client software possible.  I know this takes time.  But, in the end both the company and users reap the benefits.

My ultimate goal is to see the time when an M3D 3D printer can be taken out of the box by ANY user and used without undue stress.  This means that the ultimate goal for the manufacturers software is that it be so intuitive and easy to use that ANY user can be successful at using the 3D printer.

Again, to reach this goal, current users need to understand that software improvements with something as complex as 3D printing, require a sometimes lengthy iterative process of gradual response to unfolding user's requests and needs.  Being impatient and turning to 3rd party solutions divides the community's attention and scatters the educational demands among too many options.

So, we will not cover any 3rd party solutions for firmware or slicing.  

Instead, we will patiently ask for owners to make use of this blog to let the entire community know what you would like to see in the future regarding the printer and the software that drives it.  By focusing on what is provided to us by M3d, we benefit the great majority of M3D Micro owners and certainly those in the demographic I am interested most in helping... teachers, students and, of course, my grandchildren.

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