Friday, September 2, 2016

I love using the M3D Micro!

I've said it before.  It's slow.  In fact, it's quite slow.

So why am I so pleased with it and now use it way more than the two MUCH faster 3rd Gen Cube 3D printers I have just a few feet me?

I can explain in one single word.... NOISE.  Or, rather, the LACK of noise.

No matter what 3D printer I use, I have to continue to work developing materials for my classes.  The noise I used to tolerate from the larger, faster printers seems almost unbearable to me now that I've heard the Micro.

And, while I cannot confirm it, I have been told that the M3D Pro is going to be even MORE quiet.

Over the past few weeks, day and night, the Micro has been churning out test parts that I'm sending to a team of  expert colorists to see what they think about using a 3D printer for crafting.  I've printed Tough 3D Ink, ABS-R, PLA and Chameleon without a single clog. 

I've printed on blue painter's tape (Tough 3D Ink) and straight onto the BuildTak.  I have two different build plates and swap them out ween switching filament types makes it necessary.  With each swap I re-run the auto-gap calibration and check it.  While I might change it plus or minus .1, it's probably not all that necessary.  In any case, I've not had a single print failure or clog with any run.

So, while I do have to wait for hours for something that might take less than an hour on the 3rd Gen Cube printers, I an more than willing to be patient without the noise pollution and/or prints that fail.  It's just set it an forget it until I see the print head is in the parked position.

Now, this bodes very well for the Pro version which, from the specs and updates, a significantly faster and more automated printer.   Check out the 'Mega Update' on Kickstarter and seriously consider backing the M3D Pro KickStarter campaign.  While I am sure they can use your money to finalize the development and production, the real winner will be you! 

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