Wednesday, March 29, 2017

M3D is Doing it Right!

You haven't heard from me for quite a while.

There is a reason for that.

I have been waiting while carefully following the progress of the M3D Pro.

You see, I am a bit gun shy when it comes to the way companies roll out new 3D printers.  And, since my reputation and good will are going to be heavily invested in helping M3D printer owners, I needed to be ABSOLUTELY sure that I was following the right horse.  And, while I love the M3D Micro for what it is meant to be, the M3D Pro is a horse of an entirely different color.

I don't know if the term "Alpha" means much to you; but, as a software developer with more than 37 years of professional experience it means a LOT to me.

I know just how important it is for software (and hardware that relies on software) developers to release their products to a small group of users prior to final release of a product.  I could never get the manufacturer of the 3D printer of my previous blogs to understand that.  Thus, ALL users became Alpha and Beta testers... with frustrating and disastrous results.

But, M3D is different.  Not only have they not allowed themselves to be pushed into a premature release of the M3D Pro; but, their first tier of users will be using Alpha printers.  And, these users have been told so in M3D's latest Kickstarter update.  It is extremely important to note that M3D's latest update quite carefully explains what receiving an Alpha printer may mean to the first round of users and provides a way to opt out if users are not ready to work through some unexpected glitches here or there that an Alpha user sometimes confronts.

You have NO idea how happy this makes me.  It confirms my feelings about M3D management's commitment to ALL of their M3D Pro users.

This candor has benefits to two different groups of users.  Those who relish the idea of being an early user will be able to dive right in to experimenting and putting the M3D Pro through some hard testing.  We like the idea of helping to improve the user experience for all users.  But, there are others who don't want the potential frustration of working with a printer that has not been fully tested in the field.  And, M3D has given them that option.

I'm really looking forward to the M3D Pro arriving on my doorstep.  I know that their design engineers have done their best to move 3D printing in  major step forward.  From M3D updates, I know the production line engineers are working hard to make sure the line moves smoothly once full production has begun.  But, most of all, I know that those in charge of this company have proven their commitment to quality in how they have run this new roll-out and communicated with so much candor.

Now, I'm ready to move to the next level of M3D fun!