Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Exciting days Ahead! Waiting for M3D Pro.

I have been very quiet on this blog as M3D was hard at work getting the M3D Pro ready for prime time.

Frankly, having lived through some disastrous premature releases of other 3D printing products from other companies, I have been more than happy to wait for my first M3D Pro until the M3D team felt it was ready for release.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I do not expect an absolutely perfect 3D printer in the first run.  Years and years of experience has taught me that a design team simply cannot completely debug software and hardware because they innately know what NOT to do.  It isn't until a product gets into to the hands of users that things are attempted that are completely out of bounds of 'expected' use.

I am more than happy to be an early adopter of the M3D Pro.  The features that it ultimately promises to deliver are so far above those of any of the many other 3D printers I own, or use, that they more than offset whatever issues that might surface in the early days.

We love the M3D Micro.  It has a special place in our work with teachers and at-risk kids.  But, it's not a high production printer suitable for heavy classroom use.

The JellyBox Kit printer IS a high speed printer that produces beautiful prints.  It, too, has a unique place in our work with at-risk young people.  We love it.  But, it cannot match the M3D Pro as the perfect, compact 3D printer for the classroom for everyday work.  Those of you that have owned a RepRap style kit printer will understand the subtle difference.

We need a printer than can be stored under lock & key, transported easily to the classroom for class and that can be counted on to work reliably after every move.  Most importantly, however, we need a 3D printer that requires as little fuss as possible.  Our teachers and students want to print, not fiddle with a printer.

And, unless I am completely wrong, the M3D Pro is going to be the perfect printer for those challenging requirements.

We'll soon find out and I am REALLY excited about that!   

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