Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Series: Colorizing 3D Prints #6 - Markers as Long Term Investments

I am thankful to Craftwell and the eBrush airbrush system for changing the way I view markers... and, in a real sense, opening up a whole new creative world to me.   Craftwell doesn't make markers; but, by including four Spectrum Noir markers with the eBrush, they did introduce them to me.

Before coming across the Spectrum Noir series of markers, I'd always thought of markers as expendable tools that one used and then discarded. 

But, I now view the Spectrum Noir markers quite differently.

Refill & Refresh

The reason for this shift in perspective is that with the Spectrum Noir marker pens we are not only able to refill them; but, we can also swap out the original nibs with replacement nibs.  Moreover, the nibs that we select for replacement can be a different type than the ones that come with the original marker!

To me, being totally unfamiliar with this concept in markers before the eBrush experiments, my ability to view marker tools as long term investments is like discovering a whole new technology!

Coloring Course

 What is really remarkable is that knowing that the markers can be a long term investment also changes how I view USING the markers.  I have always had permanent markers laying around that I used for various small tasks.  But, I never really considered the fact that I could do way more with them if I wuld just invest some time in learning more about how to use them.  They were simply utility items, not artistic tools to me.  Again, all that has changed with my exposure to the Spectrum Noir markers.  If they are of MECANICAL long term value, then they can be an ARTISTIC long term value.

The great news on this front is that the people that make the pens have also designed a free online course in how to use them!  And, beyond that there are many excellent YouTube videos by individuals that use the markers that have been extremely helpful to me.

Personally, I plan to give a set of these markers as gifts this Christmas to the artists and budding artists in my own family.  The fact that they can then take an online course in how to get the most out of them adds great value to that gift.  They are going to love it!

Investment vs. Expendable Offers Wider Choices

The reason why I pursued the Spectrum Noir series of markers in the first place was because four were included with the eBrush.  So, my focus is on their alcohol based line of pens.  Some of the people in my family to whom I plan on giving a set of pens are also 3D printer users.  But, in the same home there is another prospective recipient that is probably more exclusively interested in the 2D arts.  She would probably appreciate watercolor markers more than permanent markers.

Normally, the idea of buying two different kinds of sets of markers, having roughly the same color sets, would be a silly idea to me.  But, when viewed as long-term investments in a lifetime of artistic expression the concept makes perfect sense.  So, this Christmas a single household will find two sets of two differently based markers under the tree.  And, I am excited about that.

It's Wonderful to Be Introduced to New Worlds at ANY Age

Sometimes life is like a rolling snowball in a cartoon... a small experience just keeps on growing bringing with it new ideas and possibilities.  I feel that way about this 3D coloring project.  I simply wanted to add value to 3D prints by being able to colorize them.  But, that not only opened a whole new door for me; but, potentially, for other members of my family!

And, that makes also makes me excited about a new line of products that Spectrum Noir is launching on August 30, 2016... Spectrum Noir Colorista.

The Colorista line is described like this:
Spectrum Noir Colorista is a collection of alcohol markers, wax-based colored pencils, paper pads & card-making kits designed specifically for enthusiasts of adult coloring. We’re bringing you the highest quality coloring pads, including colorable foils and glitter, complemented by an array of tantalizing coloring pencils and alcohol markers to take your coloring to the next level!
Now, THAT sounds like FUN!   I certainly plan to watch!!!

When I look back over my life I see one long series of very cool opportunities and experiences that seemed to have evolved one after another.  And, I can already see that becoming acquainted with the eBrush and Spectrum Noir is another one of those pivitol moments that ensures that life never becomes boring.  I love it!!!

Thank you Craftwell!

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