Thursday, August 25, 2016

Series: Colorizing 3D Prints #7 - Count Out One Clearcoat!

I would like to find a clearcoat that I can use over alcohol marker colors with my 3D prints.  Failures are as important to experimentation as is success.  And, my first attempt was an epic fail.

Krylon Workable Fixatif  - FAIL!

I picked up this brand primarily because I happened to be in a craft store and it was the only clearcoat I could find.  Plus, the description on the can sounded somewhat promising to a person longing to hope for the best.  (The ability to exercise denial is a family trait!)

But, it didn't take long to find out that Fixitif is NOT the right product for the job unless you want to use it as an uncontrolled 'blender'!

Krylon Fixatif - Color Smearing Alcohol Marker

What a mess!

But, the great thing about 3D printing is that I an easily print out another object and start over.  But, it gets even better than that.  It turns out that it isn't all that difficult to repair the damaged paint job by first cleaning the piece with a paper towel and 91% rubbing alcohol and then repainting.

That latter is not perfect; but, it's certainly 'good enough' in a pinch.

Put aside my poor masking alignment and take a look at the very same surfboard that I cleaned and repainted in about 15 minutes.

Repaint After Cleaning Up Fixatif Smearing
There is still some residual bleed from the clearcoat attempt.  But, it isn't a total loss as it looked to be right after the Fixatif application.

So, the experiment contunues with new things to learn with each step forward.

Epic Success

My granddaughters were by here yesterday and I was able to show them the eBrush and the Spectrum Noir markers.  They each have their own unique artistic interests; but, both had a blast trying our the eBrush and experimenting with blending the Spectrum Noir colors on paper/  Yep.  Christmas is going to be easy this year.  I thought they would like both; but, my watching them have so much fun just confirms that these would be great gifts for them!

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